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School of Belly Dance
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Ethnic Dance Expressions
School of Belly Dance
Gainesville, Florida
Dancer Contract

Having guidelines for a dance company is actually a teaching tool to help students learn professionalism and courtesy. Everyone who wants to dance at Ethnic Dance Expressions is asked to sign a Dancer Contract for this reason. It also helps the troupe members know their limits and what is expected of them.

Ethnic Dance Expressions Dancer Contract

  1. I understand that I have to be registered at Ethnic Dance Expressions to be eligible to perform and I will follow any and all restrictions and requirements set forth as the conditions for me to perform.
  2. I understand that participation in all classes, practices, and dress-rehearsals is mandatory. I will attend the last four classes, and in particular, the last class or practice before each major show.
  3. I understand that I may have one (1) legitimate and authorized (approved) absence during pre-show month for a major illness, work, or emergency.
  4. I will make up any missed class(es) within that week if possible.
  5. I will make my decision to perform quickly and I understand that if I procrastinate I will loose my chance to perform which my ruin the chances of the other performers to be in the show.
  6. I will show-up before the first dance number begins at the time specified on our Dancer Information Sheet. If I come late, I may not be allowed to perform.
  7. I now submit my most current e-mail address and understand that I will be contacted about shows and practices via this media. I realize I have to regularly read my e-mails during the week. I will also have to notify Marjorie Malerk if this information changes.

  8. I agree to make sure my costumes and accessories and those loaned to me by EDE are maintained in a professional manner from the time I bring the costume home through all performances. (Ask for washing instructions.)
  9. I agree to bring loaner costumes back to Marjorie by the next class meeting.
  10. I agree to have the required shoes for my recital or performances and that they will be maintained and ready for the performance.
  11. I understand that photographs and videos will be taken of me for promoting EDE. I agree that they may be used, but are not limited to brochures, literature, newspaper, website, Facebook, etc. I have signed the Photo & Video Release.
  12. I understand that EDE has costuming, make-up and hair style requirements I must abide by and that make-up is to be worn to all our performances.
  13. I understand that my actions affect the entire performing group and to maintain a high quality production I have to be an integral part of the team effort and spirit.
  14. I understand there is no smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages while in costume or in the stage area.
  15. I understand that I have to be conscious of my personal hygiene and bathe before shows, wear antiperspirant/deodorant, shave my legs and underarms, and wear a good under wire support bra under leotards, blouses or dresses.

I have received and read EDE's Recital Etiquette & Performing Tips

• To complete your dancer contract print the form with your browser print button and bring along to your class.

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