Ethnic Dance Expressions
School of Belly Dance
Gainesville, Florida
with Sallamah Chimera

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Ethnic Dance Expressions
School of Belly Dance
Gainesville, Florida
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Ethnic Dance Expressions studio is available for rental for dance and exercise classes. We even have tables and chairs for sit down classes. We are approved for a maximum of 15 people. We charge $15 an hour for non-prime time classes and $25.00 for prime time. SFC Community Education teachers collect a one time $10.00 facility fee from their students to cover the rent and help defray expenses for electric, water, cleaning, and rest room supplies.

About the Studio

The studio space is 18' wide x 36' long with a 6' x 18' reception area, and one rest room. For your comfort, the school has installed Quietstep Resilient Professional Studio and Stage Flooring specifically designed for dancing, aerobics, and yoga. Resilient dance flooring provides additional cushioning response for dancing, yoga, tai chi, zumba and aerobics. The surface is smooth and easy to dance or exercise on, yet not slippery and maintains a constant surface temperature for bare feet and floor exercises. It is excellent for sandals, socks and bare feet and safe for your joints and bones. The studio has full-length mirrors on two sides. We have taken measures to make your learning experience safe, comfortable and enjoyable. The studio has a pleasant, cozy ambiance. There is ample, lighted parking and the school is conveniently located in midtown. You can use the Gainesville RTS bus service or bike to the studio from UF. The bus stops are by Plaza West, a few steps from our front door. EDE is easily accessible from all areas of Gainesville as well as the surrounding communities. Contact for Rental

Studio Rental Policies:

Renting Instructor Liability Insurance: It is recommended that all instructors renting the studio carry liability insurance to cover them. Check your homeowner's policy or speak with your insurance agent to see if you are covered to teach or can obtain coverage.

Key to Facility: There will be a key deposit of $15.00 required of all renting instructors. The deposit will be refunded to you when your key is returned at the conclusion of your class.

Using the Facility: The facility can only be used during scheduled time and under the direct supervision of the renting instructor.

Studio Floor: I Please do not use powder or lotion on your feet. These leave a residue that is extremely slippery and dangerous to dancers. For everyone's comfort and safety, Please wipe your sneakers at the door before walking on the dance floor to help reduce sand, gravel and even glass from becoming imbedded in the surface.

Shoes for the Dance Floor: We ask that you wear sneakers, Grecian dance sandals or sand-a-sols, socks, light colored ballet or jazz shoes, or go barefooted. The floor can be cut and marred therefore NO black or red soled shoes or flamenco or tap shoes may be worn on the floor.

Rambunctious Behavior: There can be no unsupervised running or roughhousing in the Studio or outside in the parking area. There can be no gymnastics, acrobatics, or martial arts taught due to insurance regulations.

Excessive Noise and Loud Music: Only reasonable levels of noise and music directly related to the operation of the business will be tolerated in accordance with zoning regulations and the lease agreement.

The Mirrors: No one should lean against, touch, bump, or kick the mirrors. The walls are uneven and the mirrors are floating in their frames. Although they have a special coating, they will break and may even shatter. Don't take a chance.

Studio Equipment: Equipment belonging to Ethnic Dance Expressions or authorized teachers should not be used without proper training and specific permission.

Studio Maintenance: Anyone who uses the studio must assist with maintenance by at least cleaning up their own messes and properly disposing of trash, using the dust mop or a broom to clean up lint or sand off the dance floor.

Parties: The policy is no food and only water in secured containers. However, if your class wants a party, please clear a space to set-up your beverages where nothing will be damaged and clean up afterward. I don't mind cookies or something that doesn't leave lots of crumbs or odors.

Merchandise: Please keep your students from playing with the merchandise. If you want to purchase anything, please let me know. I am required to pay State Sales Tax.

Overlapping Classes: Classes are scheduled to allow a minimum of 15 minutes turn around time. Teachers and students who come in early must remain quiet while the other class is in session and stay in the lobby area or visit one of the stores while they wait.

Heating, Air-Conditioning, Fan and Lights: Instructors and renters, please turn off the lights and fan when leaving. The air-conditioning and heating are left on depending on the weather. A/C is kept around 75 degrees and the heat is kept down at 65 degrees. If it is dark when locking up, the exterior light should be turned on for safety when exiting the studio. The lights in the window are on a timer.

Locking Up: Please make sure the door is locked and you have the key in your possession. I will not always be at the studio when you enter or leave.

Emergencies or Complications: If there should be any mechanical complications while you are teaching class, and I am not at the studio, please call me at 379-1044 or 538-7058. If there is an accident, assess the seriousness and call 911 if necessary. The blue First Aid Kit is in the supply closet on the shelf. After first aid have been given, write out the details of the incident and leave it for me. Also, the fire extinguisher is on the wall in the supply closet.

Instructor/Renter Agreement and Hold Harmless Waiver & Release.

If you are ready to rent Ethnic Dance Expressions, an Agreement and Hold Harmless Release form is available for you to fill-out and sign.

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Ethnic Dance Expressions
4000 W. Newberry Road Ste. D-2
"Plaza West"
Gainesville, FL 32607

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