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Ethnic Dance Expressions
School of Belly Dance
Gainesville, Florida
Workshop Descriptions

Sallamah Chimera realizes that dancers have needs that go beyond classroom dance technique and choreographies. To address these needs she has created several special workshops or intensives for students. Here are descriptions of the various workshops that Sallamah teaches at Ethnic Dance Expressions. Most of the workshops are open to all levels of dancers. If there is a skill level needed, it will be noted.

Quick Start Belly Dance Technique Workshop

TorsoThis is a beginner level class designed for students who have never belly danced, for new beginner students who would like a basic belly dance technique class, for those who would like a refresher course and for those who are new to Ethnic Dance Expressions who want to become familiar with Sallamah's teaching style and technique. It is also a great way to find out if you would enjoy taking a regular belly dance class.

Students will have the opportunity to learn the essential belly dance basics like arm chest, torso, and hip isolations and movements along with traveling steps used in belly dancing combined with basic turns, and other general information needed to dance. The movements covered are based on muscle isolations and control and not for any particular style of belly dance.

This class will cover the Basic Stance, 9 Body Positions, Directional Patterns or Levels, Foot Placements, Arm Carriage, Head slides and Circles, Undulations and Camels, Hip Circles versus Pelvic Circles, Hip Lift and Drops, Side-Waist Contractions, Hip Snaps/Lifts, Hip Slides, Hip Sways, Hip Thrusts, Hip Twists, Basic Egyptians, Figure 8's, 3-Step Turns, and Pivot Turns.

At the end of the class, we will learn the beginning of a dance routine to help students apply some of the basic technique they learned and get an idea of what belly dancing is about.

The Art of Veil Dancing

One of Sallamah Chimera's fortes is "The Art of Veil Dancing". She teaches two different veil classes. One covering techniques for Rectangular and Circular Veils and one for Double Veils. The workshops are open to students of all levels but there is limit on class size due to the amount of space it takes to use a veil. So register early!

"The Art of Veil Dancing" for Rectangular & Circular Veils:

VeilDncrLStudents have the opportunity to work with Poly-Chiffon, Crystal Organza, Silk and other kinds of fabrics to get a feel for how fabrics work and what can be done with them. Students learn veil wraps, veils tricks, the difference between rectangular and circular veils, and how to use the veils in a simple dance routine. Be prepared for multiple turns and spins. (Veils will be provided.)

"The Art of Veil Dancing" for Double Circular Veils:

Students will learn how to prepare the double veils, what fabrics work the best, how to hold the veils, and double veils wraps and tricks. They will learn how to use the veils in It's A Beautiful Day dance routine. Be prepared for multiple turns and spins. (Veils will be provided.)

"Dancing with a Fan Veil":

This is a new workshop for those who want to go beyond the veil and learn to dance with a silk fan veil. Basic fan veil movements and techniques will be taught with dance combinations. Also learn what weight silk to use, about the sizes of the fan staves and the length of the silk fans. Focus on having fun. It isn't necessary to know how to dance with a regular veil, but veil skills are helpful. The class is being taught by our dance company memeber, Cybele (Jennifer Lynch).

"Dancing with Isis Wings":

This is a new workshop for those who want to go explore another type of veil prop, the Isis Wings. Developed by Loie Fuller in the late 1800s to use with the new invention, electric lights, dance wings have regained a new popularity in recent years in the belly dance community. We will teach technique and a vigorous but easy choreography using the wings. This dance can also be used with a neck veil. Karyn and Sallamah will instruct the class.

Sew Your Own Belly Dance Costume: The Basics

SewLadyThis class covers how to measure yourself to make various types of costume apparel, make patterns fitted to your body, and cut out your costume. Please bring your fabric, scissors, pins, tissue paper, tape, and a pen or pencil to draw the pattern. You will need your sewing machine, foot control pedal, attachments, bobbins, thread, needles, etc. There will be handouts with detailed sewing instructions.

We make the following costume items: Harem Pants; Vests and Shrugs; Circle, Tulip, Petal and Scalloped Skirts; Bedlahs--Hip Belts and Bras; Veils; and Beledi Dresses, to name a few. We also cover figure and color analysis, beading and coining, and how to sew straight and curved seams.

Sallamah Chimera's Belly Dancing Costume Book is available for those who feel comfortable sewing and would like to use a book with patterns. The costume book has over 100 pages of detailed written and visual instructions, ideas, and patterns for making belly dance costumes for the beginner to advance dancer. The book lists what type of fabrics to use, pointers for selecting the costume bra, how to make the hip belt, veils, and so much more. It shows the basics for bead work and how to sew on sequin rope. The cost is $35.00 plus sales tax.

Restaurant & Solo Dancing Workshop

This workshop covers: Basic Elements of Choreography, Thinking on Your Feet, RestuarantSoloFreestyle Dance Movements, the Trial Run, and Improvisation. We also listen to music and learn about dancing to the "taqasim" and feeling "tarab." Students should review their technique sheets from class choreographies and the general technique lists provided in their EDE dance handbook. This will help them prepare for "thinking on their feet" and select dance movements for improvisational performing. This class is geared for the advance beginner with performing skills to Intermediate and Advanced dancers.

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January 28, 2017:
ISIS Wings Workshop
1:00-3:30 pm
Cost: $30.00
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Quick Start Belly Dance Technique Workshop is postponed while we finish sewing our costumes for our Fall Shows.
1:00-3:15 pm for $35. Register by Fri.,
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Sew Your Own Belly Dance Costume
New Sew Dates
Price: $40.00
Time: 1:00-5:30 PM